A Green Idea

If you own a single-family home or a 2-4 multi-unit in the City of Chicago, the City wants to encourage you to disconnect your roof downspouts, so as to relieve the storm-sewer system with as much water as we’re getting.

The act of disconnecting is relatively easy, but it should be done carefully and with some fore-thought. What you want to avoid is having storm water seep into your basement, because the downspout is not putting the water flow out far enough from the building foundation. Ideally the property has enough yard space to absorb the water. How great would it be to not have to water the yard as much in the Summer, because the yard gets all the water it needs from nature itself? Pretty great.

Here is a link to City pages, which spell out this idea in more detail:


Here is a link to some history on the City’s storm sewer system:


Thank you, to Anna S Jacobson, who prompted me to write this post.


Chicago Deep_Tunnel_Project-8

649 n Talman Ave

649 n Talman

Closed Amount: $920,000

Closed Date: JUN 14, 2018

Location: 649 n Talman Avenue, Chicago, IL 60612, West Town

Property Type: Single Family Home, 4 BR, 3.5 BA

Sale Note(s): full-gut rehab, two-flat converted to SFH.

3056 n Lowell Ave

Closed Amount: $419,900

Closed Date: JUN 8, 2017

Location: 3056 n Lowell Avenue, Chicago, IL 60641, Hermosa

Property Type: Single Family House, 5 BR, 2.1 BA

Sale Note(s): 3rd time’s the charm; tough Spring market

2340 n Lawndale Ave

Closed Amount: $470,000

Closed Date: MAY 25, 2017

Location: 2340 n Lawndale Avenue, Chicago, IL 60647, Logan Square

Property Type: Single Family Home, 3 BR, 1.2 BA

Sale Note(s): Multiple Offers

4323 w Carroll Ave

Closed Amount: $192,500

Closed Date: MAR 16, 2015

Location: 3423 w Carroll Avenue, Chicago, IL 60624, East Garfield Park

Property Type: Single Family House, 5 BR, 2.1 BA

Sale Note(s): Under contract in ten days, closed in six weeks. FHA loan

3812 w George Street

3812 w George

Closed Amount: $283,000

Closed Date: DEC 12, 2014

Location: 3812 w George Street, Chicago, IL 60618, Avondale

Property Type: Single-Family Home, 4 BR, 2 BA

Sale Note(s): FHA loan, $9,160 credit at closing


2638 w Grand Avenue


Closed Amount: $320,000

Closed Date: FEB 27, 2014

Location: 2638 w Grand Avenue (Smith Park), Chicago, IL 60612

Property Type: Single-family Home, 4 bedroom, 2.1 bath

Sale Note(s): multiple offers at around 75 days on the market